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Rational Design: The Core of Rayman Origins –

During my time on Rayman Origins as a student, I wrote a lengthy dissertation on Ubisoft’s Rational Design methodology which had been employed during the production of the game. It was published and featured on Game Developer in March of 2012. Read it here.


Rayman Origins Postmortem – Game Developer Magazine

In 2012, after the completion of Rayman Origins, I was approached by the editor of Game Developer Magazine and asked to write a post mortem for the game. You can read it in the images below.


On the Level – UbiBlog Column

Over the course of 6 months in 2013, I was the sole author of a column on Ubisoft’s own UbiBlog entitled “On the Level” where I wrote a number of articles about game development within Ubisoft from the perspective of a level designer. It was targeted at Ubisoft’s players, rather than other developers, while still attempting to provide truthful and comprehensive insight into the world of game development. A couple of these columns even got a bit of attention in the media:

Unfortunately, the UbiBlog was discontinued a few years later, and the articles were lost in the process.


Lead Editor and Journalist –

From March 2009 until March 2011 I was a journalist and, eventually, also lead editor for the video game news site As a student at the time, I wrote for the site voluntarily for the sake of practice and out of a general interest for journalism at the time. I wrote over 40 articles during my time with Nisute, including news, game reviews, developer interviews and columns. I stopped working with Nisute when I entered the game development industry to avoid a conflict of interest.

Sadly, Nisute closed down in 2019, and all of its content was taken down in the process.

“Working with Chris is always a pleasure. He works hard and is a talented reporter with excellent editing skills. When he has to do something that supports the team he will get really focused and will reach his goal beyond reasonable doubt. When faced with a problem he will clearly explain the problem and will help out in fixing it by communicating. Chris has leader skills and has clear and wide vision of his goals.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Chris and I hope he will stay in our team for a long time.”

Maikel de Bakker, Owner, Nisute
October 2, 2010