Chris McEntee
Chris McEnteeGame Design Director
Education: Bachelor of Engineering from NHTV University of Applied Sciences
Current Employer: Studio MDHR
Current Residence: Vancouver, Canada

I am a game developer with a passion for design, art and animation. I love working on colorful creative games that my childhood self would play the heck out of.

I’m also on a quest to see the world from end to end; I love new experiences, meeting people and sharing knowledge.


– Game, level and conceptual design
– Strong writing, speaking and presentation skills
– Leadership
– Prototyping
– 3D Modeling
– 3D Animation
– Rigging
– Scripting and Blueprint knowledge


– Autodesk Maya and 3DsMax
– Photoshop
– Unity and Unreal 4
– zBrush and Mudbox
– UBIart Framework
– Microsoft Office
– Perforce
– Hansoft, Mantis, OnTime and JIRA Bugtracking Software