Project Description

No Rest for the Wicked

Role: Lead Designer
Team Size: 80+
Duties: Enemy Design, Boss Design, Narrative Systems Design, World and Level Design, Combat Design, UI/UX Design, Story, Quality Assurance
Status: Commercial title, released in Early Access in 2024

NO REST FOR THE WICKED is an Early Access title on PC developed by Moon Studios.

During my time on the project, I collaborated closely with creative direction and core stakeholders to lay the foundations of the game’s design and direction, as well as being integrated in the story team to aid in formulation of the game’s narrative and world building. Enemy design, narrative systems design, world & level design, boss design, combat design, 3C, UI/UX, systems design are all areas that I either participated in or drove. While many game systems have changed since I left the project, a lot of what we established during my time at the studio remains present in the released game.

Prior to being on the project full time, I was also involved in preparing the pitch deck for publishers back in 2017, and was a part of many design discussions throughout the years despite being primarily focused on Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Chris is a design leader of the highest caliber. In addition to negotiating the normal challenges of daily level design work, Chris inspires confidence in his team, tackles cross-team conflicts with tact and handles both leadership and line pressures with grace.

In a distributed team where self-management is critical and communication is difficult, Chris manages to bridge the gap between team leadership and being an advocate for his teammates.

Simply put, whatever game you’re making, you want Chris on your team. He is well-versed in practically everything from level design, to enemy design, to systems design, to narrative design and beyond. In addition to his expansive knowledge and experience Chris also possesses a rare, but important complementary skill: listening. He gets empathy, and has an innate ability to manage and motivate people. He keeps every meeting he is in productive and is constantly key in clearing up misunderstandings or miscommunications. I cannot count how many times he has defused and resolved various conflicts in the last year and I cannot overstate how valuable to productivity and morale he is. What I can say is that anyone that works with Chris will see what myself and all these other written recommendations see, a talented lead designer that delivers.