Project Description

Organic Chemlab

Role: Game Designer
Team Size: Five
Duties: Game design, Scripting and Quality Assurance
Status: Released in 2011 – Download
Awards: Honorable Mention at the Independent Propeller Awards

ORGANIC CHEMLAB is a serious game project I developed in University alongside a small team of my classmates. The idea behind the game is to teach the player the rules of creating and naming increasingly complex organic structures in a fun and memorable way.

On ORGANIC CHEMLAB, I created the initial concept, wrote the design document, and kept a close eye on the production of the game and progression of the design. As I was the only member of the team that had the knowledge of organic chemistry, I also created every tutorial slide in the game. These slides explain all the knowledge necessary to complete the game, and I was very careful to present them in a structured way that both chunks the learning and at the same time allows for smooth progression through the game.

This project was quite challenging from a design perspective, considering the complex systems involved in allowing the player to create the structures, as well as allowing the game itself to recognize the correct ones. While I did not program this functionality, I did play a large role in testing each new iteration as well as overseeing any changes that might help improve the accuracy and user-friendliness.

You can download the design document if you are curious, and if you want to play ORGANIC CHEMLAB for yourself and learn a little something about Chemistry, you can download the game.